Job Description Of Technical Supervisor DRR/NRM

Job Description

Name                                      : …………………………………………………………………

Designation                            : Technical Supervisor DRR/NRM

Accountability                       : Program Coordinator

Location                                 : WAC Nepal Office

Program Name                     :Bhakari

Duty Station                          : Office Base with frequent travel to project area

The Disaster Risk Reduction/Natural Resource Management Supervisor (DRR/NRM) will work as part of a technical support unit for WAC Bhakari  program and is responsible to conduct and carried out outputs of all the Disaster Risk Reduction/Climate Change Adaptation and Natural Resource Management related program activities with all terms and conditions mentioned in partnership agreement for program “Building Hope Along Karnali River Basin (Bhakari) Program” implementation between WAC Nepal and Mercy Corps Nepal. Technical Supervisor DRR/NRM will work under the Program Coordinator (PC) of Bhakari program of WAC Nepal for day to day management, planning, implementation with the coordination and oversight with the District Coordinator (DC) and Regional DRR/NRM Officer of Bhakari program for technical support, advice and backstopping. 


A. Key responsibilities

  • Planning and implementation of the all DRR/NRM related activities in an accordance of the Bhakari program with the all terms and condition as agreement, strategy, objectives, results and indicators for carried out desired output within the framework of program document, budget and work plan.
  • Building strong coordination and linkage with the Local Disaster Management Committee Local (LDMCs), District Forest Office for smoothly implementation of planned activities in district, Municipal and community levels as plan.  
  • Facilitation to the District Disaster Relief Committee, Local Disaster Management Committees, Early Warning System Committee at district and VDC levels and taskforces for strengthen through capacity building activities on assessment, planning and implementation.
  • Facilitation to district and Municipal levels Early Warning System committees for Specific Operating Procedures development and to establish observation and monitoring adequate services as required for functioning EWS in district and community level.
  • Supervise and Assist to the Community mobilizes, supervisors and volunteers for their assigned responsibility accomplishment in properly with the guidance of Program Coordinator, District Coordinator and Regional DRR/NRM Officer of Bhakari program for carried out the program’s outcomes within the time frame of program.
  • Effort to bring out in light the program activities’ achievements through mass-media and media advocacy.
  • Field data and information gather as an according to M&E tools in reference of conducted events and action plans and photographs. And develop the analytical reports and submit to the authority and donor agencies on time.
  • Consult with Program Coordinator, District Coordinator and Executive Director to making work plan of program activities.
  • Ensure that the planned activities under NRM outcome of BHAKARI program are being effectively implemented in the district as per the program strategy considering the provisions of BHAKARI and principles.
  • Abide by the principles of governance, multi stakeholder approach, disadvantaged group targeting, aid effectiveness and gender and social inclusion in program cycle management
  • Ensure good coordination with DDC, VDC, DFO, DSCO and other forestry sector stakeholders in the district
  • Work with Municipalities, CFUGs, user’s networks and other stakeholders at ward level to form and/or strengthen multi stakeholder mechanism at local level
  • Coordinate with local government agencies, civil society organizations and LNGO partner as appropriate for effective delivery of the program
  • Ensure that activities are planned and implemented as per GESI strategies

B. Additional Assignment and Responsibilities:

  • Will act as the lead contact between the program and the District authorities
  • Will maintain a good and close working relationship with the Regional Disaster Risk Reduction Officer as well as District Coordinator of Bhakari program and Program Manager of the WAC. 
  • Lead on District and Municipal levels facilitation of DRR/NRM activities. 
  • Ensure all communications and visibility requirements of the project/donor are adhered to.
  • To perform assigned responsibilities and program activities in close supervision of Program Coordinator and Program Manager.
  • Assist in other WAC’s programs, if required.
  • WAC Nepal property, equipment, or time should only be used for authorized purposes. Misuse may result in disciplinary action.

Do This


  • Provide report to Program Coordinator
  • Provide written monthly progress reports to Program Manager. It will send to Executive Board of WAC Nepal.

Do This

2. Inspection and surrounding bounds of duties:

  • WAC Nepal will provide best means, materials and pleasant environment to support the accomplishment of your job entity.
  • The attainment achieved by this post will be supervised by the authorized person of implementing partner WAC Nepal.

3. Performance Indicator:

  • Timely execution of the activities assigned for the Bhakari program
  • Proper implementation and management of budget..

4. Knowledge and Experience:

  • Bachelors degree in Agricultural
  • Previous experience with DRR/NRM
  • Excellent basic computer skills.
  • Ability to write up and speaking both English and Nepali.

5. Period of Performance and Budget

  • The Technical Supervisor DRR/NRM will work over the years .
  • The Technical Supervisor DRR/NRM will be paid a salary and other renuramation package as per the organizational rules.

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