Apsara Kunwar

Apsara Kunwar, serving as the General Secretary of WAC-Nepal, brings a wealth of expertise in organization development and community mobilization, backed by over 15 years of experience. With her MA educational qualification, Apsara is well-equipped to lead and drive positive change within the organization. Her deep understanding of organization development allows her to implement effective strategies that enhance WAC-Nepal's structure, efficiency, and overall performance. Apsara's experience in community mobilization enables her to forge strong partnerships, engage stakeholders, and empower local communities. Her ability to effectively collaborate with diverse groups and foster meaningful connections is a valuable asset for WAC-Nepal's mission. Apsara's leadership, combined with her educational background and extensive experience, makes her an integral part of the organization's success, ensuring its continued growth, impact, and positive change in the communities it serves.
Board Member
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