chhatraman tamrakar

Chattaramana Tamrakar
Chhatraman Tamrakar, as a Board Member of WAC-Nepal, brings a unique skill set and expertise that greatly contributes to the organization's mission. With an IA educational qualification selector expertise, Chhatraman specializes in community mobilization, making him a valuable asset in engaging and empowering local communities. His experience of over 5 years in this field has equipped him with a deep understanding of community dynamics, effective outreach strategies, and the importance of fostering grassroots participation. Chhatraman's contributions to WAC-Nepal are invaluable as he brings a fresh perspective, helps bridge the gap between the organization and the communities it serves, and ensures that the voices of the marginalized are heard and represented. His dedication to community mobilization aligns perfectly with WAC-Nepal's commitment to social justice and inclusive development, making him a valuable asset to the organization's board.
Board Member
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