Chetraj Joshi (Program Manager)


On behalf of the WAC Nepal, it is my pleasure to say thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

WAC Nepal is a Non-government; Non-political, Non-religious multidimensional development service oriented voluntary organization. It is working in Sudurpachim providence of Nepal especially in Achham district for eliminating poverty and improving the sustainable socio-economic condition of poor and marginalized families through its different development projects. We have created an enabling environment for the underprivileged people through interventions in different thematic area including capacity building, good governance, primary health care, non-formal education, water sanitation and hygiene, livelihood enhancement, asset transfer to the extreme poor household, value chain development, income generating activities, disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation and environment protection.

The organization has come past over a long path of development and continuing its efforts in the line of its Vision, Mission, Goal and Objectives. The present success and forwards trends are the result of staff member’s utmost involvement and commitment. WAC Nepal expected improvement only achieved through effective utilization of different resources. WAC may have some limitations, but proud to say here that, there are no any shortage of commitment, transparency and accountability in all aspect.

In our effort, continuous advice and assistance from well-wishers are increasing gradually. Financial and technical assistance of different donor and partner agencies and theirday to day mentoring have been stimulated us to accelerate for such of instant success.Effective decisions and supports of General Members(GMs) from General Assembly (GA), Executive committee (EC), Senior Management Team (SMT) and Different Sub-committees(DSC) of the organization, Wholehearted cooperation from the Local level Government and Administrations/officials and Civil Society, experienced like-minded other organizations, active participation of the grassroots people etc and their vital roles inspired in achieving the success. We are sincerely grateful and indebted to all of them.

Heartiest thanks and grateful to all of them, whose have been continuing support us since last two decades being us as a reputed organization. We hope, necessary advice and support of different stakeholders will be continued to play effective roles of WAC Nepal in its specialized sector as Health, Education, and Livelihood incorporating Gender Social Inclusion (GESI), Governance and Climate Change/Child Centered disaster risk reduction (CC/DRR) crosscutting issues for wellbeing of communities.

Interested Persons/Institutions/Agencies both home and abroad may become under this banner of development initiatives of WAC Nepal as owner and credibility of Excellencies for the wellbeing of most disadvantaged communities.

With Best Regards

Chetraj Joshi

Program Manager

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