WAC is guided by the principal of non-discrimination at any kinds, our all programs are targeted toward the most vulnerable, disadvantage, excluded, indigenous, poor or marginalized people. We are guided to following mentioned guiding principles in implementation all projects/programmes of WAC Nepal:

  1. ParticipatoryThe organization includes its right holders in decision making process. It ensures meaningful participation of women and excluded communities  in all decision making process
  2. Cost effectiveness: The organization delivers its services with quality and rightly priced.
  3. Human Dignity: The organizational and its member will demonstrate tolerance in one another, respect one another and upheld the right of the people to live in society with dignified human life.
  4. Effectiveness in its programs: The organization will devise a mean to deliver its service effectively to its right holders.
  5. Coordination: The inherent quality of the organization is coordination in between of different stake holders to achieve the goal,
  6. Brotherhood / Reciprocator: Unity in diversity furthermore living in harmony and peace with dignity is another aspect of brother hood.
  7. Helpful: Extending supporting hand is another value of the organization.
  8. Dignity of labor: Labor is the product that provides life. It should be dignified.
  9. Inclusiveness and Good governance: It indicates that people with different background, culture, cast and class should be included in its program and in calculate the culture of inclusiveness. Transparency is a core value in dealing in every sector. Indoctrinate a culture of dealing to its staffs and members with people meticulously. Inclusion of key stakeholders in the process that ensures easy access dignified identity and meaningful representation
  10. Non discriminatory : in terms of gender, age, ethnicity, religion and minority group,
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